Aha Sports produces sports films and live streams elite youth tournaments

Aha Sports streams select games from around the greater Seattle area. Aha Sports shoots and streams in HD from an elevated view point and at some events with live on-air commentary, instant replays, and pre&post game interviews.

Throughout the various sports seasons, Aha Sports will broadcast Matches and Games of the Week. These live streams typically feature rivalries or top prospects in the specific sport.

Viewers can expect regular highlight reels and social media clips to follow matches and contests. Often times, these highlights will be featured by Aha Sports during weekly broadcasts in-between games and during interviews with coaches, players and club directors.

Certainly not everyone will be able to view the games' live streams, so Aha Sports makes game broadcasts and highlight reels available online following the event.


Aha Sports' live streams feature on-air personalities and commentators, pre and post game interviews from coaches and players, and a collection of OnDemand contests for players, coaches and families to watch well after the final whistle has blown.