Camera Operator / Independent Contractor (Sports - Live and Recorded Programs)

(Paid on the job training is available)

This position is based in the greater Seattle area and requires an individual to capture a high volume of sports video content as well as assist in documentary production (mostly athletes' or coaches' interviews). The Camera Operator will be responsible for setting up and operating video production equipment including tripods, lights, cameras and audio equipment. Additionally, this person will operate the camera during sporting events/games to ensure proper coverage and live streaming when appropriate.

Half-day and day-long shoots require this position to be onsite weekends with occasional weekdays as game schedules dictate.

The Camera Operator will work very closely with producers, and for summer tournaments the Camera Operation will coordinate and work with field production teams during at the tournament that includes on-air talent, producers, and production assistants.

For non-game programs, such as Aha Sports' docu-series These.Moments.Matter. or GAME DAY: GO!, this role will be expected to assist periodically as a production assistant and/or provide additional camera coverage.


- Audio/Video experience working with prosumer and professional camcorders and shotgun microphones (training can be provided)

- A desire to learn and grow

- Work quickly and be able to troubleshoot issues in an effective and time efficient manner

- Responsible and punctual

- Working weekend days


- Competitive hourly pay for non-tournaments and games - Per diem rates for narrative/interview production work

Aha Sports is a new media network streaming and recording youth sports and sports related content. The organization has streamed hundreds sports games from the greater Seattle area. As Aha Sports grows to cover more games and sports tournaments, there are a number of openings for driven and interested applicants with an interest in sports media and the documentary or broadcast industries.

Please contact if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity.